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AD-TEX Shake

AD-TEX Shake (Fresh Concrete Colour Hardener)


A high strength pre-blended coloured dry shake concrete topping, combining graded silica sands, Portland cement and other chemically reactive agents. If applied as directed, the surface should last in excess of 10 years.


To provide a new/fresh concreted area with a coloured decorative finish and at the same time harden the concrete surface to protect against wear and abrasion.


After placement and the screeding and floating processes ensure the concrete surface is free of any excess bleed water then steel trowel the entire area.


When using an AD-TEX Stencil Pattern with the colouring process; do not apply the pattern if the concrete is too wet. Be sure the stencil is trowelled, shiny side up, onto the surface sufficiently to avoid any bleeding of colour under the stencil.


Depending on finish required, but ideally 10sq metres per 20kg bag will give 2 coats (less with lighter colours, 8 m2).

Colours should not be applied to an overly wet surface. Doing so can lead to a reduction in strength and a dilution of colour.



(Minimum 2 coats) Empty the contents of this bag into a clean dry bucket and take up a position where you can comfortably broadcast the colour by the handful across the concrete slab. As a guide, approximately 60% of the total colour used should be applied at this stage, the remaining 40% with the second coat. Adopt a throwing action so that the colour spreads out evenly over the surface and covers the entire area. Do not leave any grey patches. Cover the entire surface with an even coat of colour. Using a steel trowel work the colour so it activates the moisture within the base concrete and as soon as the colour produces a shiny appearance, stop trowelling that area and move on. DO NOT excessively work this first coat. Over trowelling will produce a distinct dilution of colour.


Should be applied immediately after the first coat has been trowelled in. Broadcast evenly over the already coloured surface. As an indication of correct coverage, the entire area should have a dry, granular look with no shiny or wet patches visible. Depending on weather conditions and the type of finish desired the second trowelling process can be carried out at this stage or the colour can be left to "sit" for a period to take up available moisture and allow the base concrete to firm up slightly. Test trowel a small area and if still too wet to finish, recoat the test area with dry colour and wait. The second trowelling process is important for obtaining the many finishes that can be achieved with AD-TEX Shake Colour Hardeners. A variation of finishing tools can be used for obtaining the texture required e.g. Steel trowel, magnesium float, wood float. Smoother textures need to be finished earlier or "wetter". Rustic textures such as simulated Rock, Brick and Stone require finishing later in the set.


Both coats should be applied as soon as practicable. A relatively smooth texture is desirable for this type of finish. Commence imprinting after the second colouring and the application of the desired AD-TEX Coloured Release Agent.


Should be carried out after the concrete has dried sufficiently. Test for this by placing your hand flat on the concrete surface palm down. If you can feel any dampness or see any traces of moisture on your hand, it is too early for removal. Drying time will depend on weather conditions at the time.
Early removal may result in damage to the profile of the pattern and produce chipped edges.
Late removal may result in the stencil being difficult to remove.
After removal use a leaf blower to dust off the slab and remove any waste colour.


We strongly recommend the application of 2 COATS of AD-TEX Protective Sealer which is UV stabilised to protect and enhance your new AD-TEX surface. Apply only after the concrete is dry and best results are obtained by using a suitable roller. With smooth/stamped surfaces apply 20% Solvent for first coat and full sealer second coat. Allow adequate time for sealer to set before rain/moisture may fall.


Shelf life approximate. 6-12 months if stored in dry conditions above 7 degrees celsius.


AD-TEX Shake Colour Hardeners are part of the AD-TEX range of products. Ensure compatibility by insisting on genuine AD-TEX accessories.
Telephone: 02 4872 2774  Cavendish Street, Mittagong  NSW 2575 Australia