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AD-TEX Patch & Repair

AD-TEX Concrete Patch & Repair


A high strength, shrinkage compensated Type A Grout, especially designed to be used in conjunction with the AD-TEX T5 Resurfacing System. Designed to provide maximum strength and filling capacity for repairs to concrete cracks and damaged or poor profile edges in concrete slabs.
Note: with cracks and advice related to crack repair, contact AD-TEX.
Also suitable for grouting construction repairs including applications under base plates, machine bases, precast panels, concrete covins, pipe penetrations through concrete, brick and block walls.


A pre-mixed non shrink cementitious Type A grout (as per AS MP20, Part3, 1977) combining graded silicous aggregate with a special Portland cement and chemically reactive agents. Does not contain Calcium Chloride or Ferrous materials. Approx. 65 to 50 MPa at 28 days. (Trowel-able and Flow-able Consistency-AS 2073-1977).


Allow approximately 100 bags of per cubic metre.


Surface must be firm and free from all foreign matter, all separating agents such as wax, polish, grease, oil, curing compounds, etc. should be thoroughly removed. Laitance and suspect concrete removed. It is very important to have good adhesion to the slab and the underside of base plates, etc. Cracks should be routed out using a saw or bolster to provide an open V shaped profile. Thoroughly wet the slab prior to grouting. Allow to dry free from standing water. Remove all water from cracks or boltholes. Sandy looking, porous or open surfaces will require priming. Liberally apply AD-TEX Cement Modifier (diluted 1 to1 with water) by brush to all surfaces, allow to dry. Primed surfaces must be grouted within 4 hrs- if site is hot or dusty, install as soon as the material appears to be dry.


Use a clean mixing container. Add water then add powder, whilst stirring thoroughly until a lump free mortar is produced. Use mechanical mixers preferably, for approximately 2 minutes. Mixed materials should be placed within half-hour of mixing. Any hardened material should be discarded and no attempt should be made to remix it.

Mixing proportion per 20kg bags are: 3.5 to 4 litre Flowable Grout
2.5 to 3 litre Stiffened Grout
2 litre Semi-dry Grout


Pour the mixed grout onto the prepared area, pressing it into the surface using trowels or ramrods. If air pockets are not filled complete adhesion and strength will not develop. May also be coated with AD-TEX T5 and AD-TEX Sealer.


Grout sets by hydration. Temperature changes will affect setting time.
Initial set 1.45 hours at 20 degrees C.
Final set 4 hours at 20 degrees C.


Patch & Repair is non-toxic, but handle with care as may cause irritation to skin & eyes. Use gloves and safety glasses. Shelf life approx. 6-12 months if stored in dry conditions above 7 degrees C.
Telephone: 02 4872 2774  Cavendish Street, Mittagong  NSW 2575 Australia