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AD-TEX Bagging Render Samples

Beautiful Bagging

AD-TEX Coloured Bagging Render is a complete pre-blended, thin section render, which is particularly suited to providing texture to brick, masonry and existing rendered surfaces and comes in 28 exciting new Designer Colours.

If applied as directed, the product should last in excess of 10 years.

AD-TEX Beautiful Bagging

AD-TEX Coloured Bagging Render


Approx. 8-10sq metres per 20kg bag (one coat) giving a 1.5mm thickness (must apply at least 1.5 mm thick). Smoother finish approx. 5 sq metres per 20kg bag (2 coats) gives a 3mm thickness.


Premium shelf life approx. 6 months if stored in dry conditions above 7 degrees celsius. Store undercover, off ground/flooring to protect it from water damage.


DO NOT APPLY in WET WEATHER or when TEMPERATURE IS BELOW 10 degrees celsius OR ABOVE 30 degrees celsius.

AD-TEX COLOURED BAGGING RENDER is non-toxic, but it has an alkaline nature and can be irritating to skin & eyes. WEAR APPROPRIATE SAFETY EQUIPMENT, such as gloves, eye protection and dust masks as necessary.



STEP 1: The surface must be clean and free of dirt, dust and loose material. Deep holes in the surface should be filled at least the day before application.
STEP 2: Mask/cover all surfaces (including glass) before priming, bagging and sealing. Wet, saturated external walls should be allowed to dry out before applying AD-TEX Coloured Bagging Render (especially retaining walls).
STEP 3: It is highly recommended that a PRIMER is used before applying coloured bagging render.

AD-TEX Modifier is used as a PRIMER by mixing;
1 part Modifier: 2.5 parts fresh clean Water.

Example: To prime 60 - 80 sq metres use 4 litres AD-TEX Modifier mixed with 10 litres of clean water.

NOTE: With Blue Board applications, refer to separate "Blue Board Bagging Instructions" or Click here (Blue Board).


STEP 1: Prime surface and allow to dry.
STEP 2: For every 20kg bag of AD-TEX Coloured Bagging Render add 250ml (one cup) of AD-TEX Modifier mixed with approximately 4 litres of water.
More or less water may be required, depending on conditions, porosity of bricks etc.

If any additional water is added to the mix, measure the amount and add this quantity to each subsequent mix, as this will keep the colour consistent throughout the whole application. (Amount of Modifier used remains the same).

ADD LIQUID a little at a time, to obtain a smooth, creamy consistency. Depending on drying conditions, more or less liquid may be required.

NOTE: If water content is increased to suit the texture required or drying conditions for a particular application, the amount of water added per mix must remain consistent during the entire project.
STEP 3: Lightly moisten down the surface, especially in hot weather. Apply bagging render by trowel, sponge, sponge float or other traditional bagging methods (not roller). Be careful when applying mixture not to separate the sand particles from the mixture by overworking or spreading the mix too thin. (This is particularly applicable when silicon sealing the surface.)

The texture required will dictate the number of coats. A rough ("bagged look") requires one coat while a smooth finish (using a sponge/sponge float) may require a second coat.
Step 4: When more than one coat of coloured bagging render is required, undercoats should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before directly applying another coat.
Step 5: When dry, AD-TEX Bagging Render may be protected from dirt, rain etc. by applying one full coat of AD-TEX SILICON SEALER, especially on southern walls or moisture prone areas. e.g. walls not exposed to direct sunlight.
Coverage: 100sq metres per 20 litre drum

The Silicon Sealer can be applied with a roller, brush or soft bristle broom and is a matt, colourless formula that waterproofs the external surface.
NOTE: AD-TEX Bagging Render should not be applied during extremely hot or windy conditions and should be protected from rain until set. Due to varying drying conditions, we recommend that an entire wall should be completed at one time. Do not patch, but recoat entire wall.


Contact your nearest AD-TEX Distributor for any additional technical advice. Also available from AD-TEX Pty. Ltd. is a leaflet 'How to Avoid Problems with Render' or please Click Here.


To find out how you can obtain samples of our Coloured Bagging Render please Click Here.
Telephone: 02 4872 2774  Cavendish Street, Mittagong  NSW 2575 Australia